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Why you Should Treat your Sleep Apnea

There are so many people who are wondering about the benefits of treating sleep apnea. The thing about it is that when you left it untreated, it could cause negative effects on your energy levels, mental well-being, and on your productivity. This also has long-term adverse effects on your metabolism, heart, and your overall health as well. Sleep apnea can actually affect anyone, whether they are fit or overweight, young or old, and does not matter with gender.

Sleep apnea Kalispell as well as other forms of sleep disordered breathing are characterized by stopping breathing for a short time and also by briefly waking before you start breathing again. The body will experience low levels of oxygen and you will feel sleepy during the day.

The benefits of treating sleep apnea are as follows:

You Have Daytime Alertness

Daytime fatigue and sleepiness are in fact common symptoms of sleep apnea Kalispell. Treating it helps to restore your normal sleep pattern and will also increase your overall sleep time where it eliminates your breathing pauses during your sleep. It also helps you in waking up and in feeling more refreshed, which leads to a boost on your energy levels throughout the day.

Get Better Sleep Refreshment

People who have sleep apnea stop breathing many times in an hour. With every pause, the body will wake a little before resuming on breathing, which will keep you from getting enough comfortable sleep where you feel refreshed the next day. After your body has breathed easily during the time you sleep, you will feel better rested and get lots of energy during the day.

Risk of Heart Problems and Stroke are Lower

According to research made, the chances of hypertension was about three times greater for people who have severe sleep disturbances than those who have no disturbances. The chances of stroke also are far greater with those having severe sleep disturbances.

Reduced Chance of Depression

When there’s an increase in the severity of sleep disturbance, the research found that the risk of depression likewise increases. An amount of sleep disturbance in fact has been associated with increased risk, but chances of depression for people having severe disturbances are far higher for those with no disturbances.

Mortality Low Risk

The chances of dying from any cause are actually three times higher compared to those who have severe sleep disturbances based on studies made.

Diabetes is Better Managed

When you have sleep apnea, it puts you at a higher risk of developing diabetes. A study actually found that when you have your sleep apnea treated, it leads to better resistance to insulin for those who have no diabetes. Also, studies made showed that those who have diabetes and have untreated sleep apnea have worse control when it comes to their blood sugar.

Risk of Cancer is Lower

The result from the studies made by different medical institutions showed that those who have obstructive sleep apnea have higher chances of getting cancer. The most commonly diagnosed cancers were actually breast, prostate, and lung. Those who were affected were men and people who are under 65 years of age.

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